ISCAM 2007- Programme
Friday April 20, 2007
12.30-13.00 Registration
13.00-13.15 Opening Ceremony in room BC-300
13.15-14.15 A lecture by prof. Jozef Širáň (STU Bratislava):
  Graphs on Surfaces: Theory and Applications
14.30-15.30 Sessions
15.30-16.10 Coffee break
16.10-17.30 Sessions
17.45 Refreshment in the club of FEI STU

Saturday April 21, 2007
 9.00-10.00 Sessions
10.00-10.40 Coffee break
10.40-12.20 Sessions

Session:A Friday April 20, 2007

Room: AB-300 Chair: O. Grošek, L. Satko

14.30-14.50 Gaži Peter
  Using ElGamal in the OAEP+ scheme
14.50-15.10 Sýs Marek
  Isotopy classes of Latin squares
15.10-15.30 Zajac Pavol
  Remarks on polynomial selection for the NFS
15.30-16.10 COFFEE BREAK

Room: AB-300 Chair: O. Grošek, L. Satko

16.10-16.30 Novák Vladislav, Schindler Frank
  Interpolation by means of arc-length parameterized B-splines
16.30-16.50 Nehéz Martin, Demetrian Michal
  On computation of clustering coefficient in a class of random networks
16.50-17.10 Pěluchová Monika
  On M.A.D. systems of sets
17.10-17.30 Demetrian Michal, Nehéz Martin
  Analysis of an oblivious end-to-end communication protocol in reliability hypercubic networks

Session:B Friday April 20, 2007

Room: AB-150 Chair: M. Knor, G. Jenča

14.30-14.50 Lacika Dušan
  Recursive method for longest induced cycles in circulant graphs
14.50-15.10 Horváthová Monika
  Normalized (k,l)-radii of some classes of graphs
15.10-15.30 Drygaš Pawel
  Some aspects of the continuity of associative operations with neutral element in the unit interval
15.30-16.10 COFFEE BREAK

Room: AB-150 Chair: A. Kolesárová, M. Kalina

16.10-16.30 Petrík Milan
  Reconstruction of multiplicative and additive generators of strict t-norms
16.30-16.50 Sarkoci Peter
  Vertical convex mixing of copulas
16.50-17.10 Matúš Rastislav, Bacigál Tomáš
  Selection of the right copula for hydrological extremes
17.10-17.30 Michalíková Alžbeta
  On the extension of group-valued measures

Session:C Friday April 20, 2007

Room: BC-150 Chair: M. Navara, J. Paseka

14.30-14.50 Vlček Pavol, Svoboda Tomáš
  Adaptive single-view 3D tracking of the human head by incremental texture wrapping
14.50-15.10 Bohdal Róbert
  Picture deformation recovery of cadastral maps
15.10-15.30 Frackiewicz Piotr
  The role of an arbiter in classical and quantum games
15.30-16.10 COFFEE BREAK

Room: BC-150 Chair: M. Navara, J. Paseka

16.10-16.30 Vinceková Elena
  Operations on GEAs defined by special subsets and the induced structures; properties and examples
16.30-16.50 Mosná Katarína
  Atomic lattice effect algebras
16.50-17.10 Rak Ewa
  New solutions of the problem of distributivity for binary operations with unit
17.10-17.30 Botur Michal
  Finite commutative basic algebras

Session:A Saturday April 21, 2007

Room: AB-300 Chair: G. Kalmbach, S. Pulmannová

 9.20- 9.40 Víta Martin
  Uniform and topological spaces on BL algebras
 9.40-10.00 Ventriglia Flavia
  Cafiero and Brooks-Jewett theorems for Vitali spaces
10.00-10.40 COFFEE BREAK

Room: AB-300 Chair: M. Komorníková, O. Nánásiová

10.40-11.00 Valenčáková Veronika
  Conditional probability on the product MV algebras induced by IF-events
11.00-11.20 Myšková Kateřina
  Estimation of parameters of covariance matrix in three-dimensional calibration model
11.20-11.40 Mazureková Petra
  Law of large numbers for M-observables
11.40-12.00 Drblíková Oľga, Komorníková Magda, Mikula Karol
  Extraction of number of cells growth rate in embryogenesis by mathematical methods of image and time series analysis

Session:B Saturday April 21, 2007

Room: AB-150 Chair: J. Šefránek, J. Paseka

 9.00- 9.20 Šiška Jozef, Turček Michal, Krištofovič Milutín
  Logic programming and knowledge representation in Computer Games
 9.20- 9.40 Baláž Martin
  Well-supported models of disjunctive logic programs
 9.40-10.00 Homola Martin
  Distributed description logic reconsidered
10.00-10.40 COFFEE BREAK

Room: AB-150 Chair: M. Šabo, J. Pykacz

10.40-11.00 Běhounek Libor
  A logic-based approach to fuzzy topology
11.00-11.20 Król Anna
  Operations in the family of fuzzy relations with the sup property
11.20-11.40 Plšková Dagmar
  Application of fuzzy control for reservoir during the flood passage
11.40-12.00 Daňková Martina, Štěpnička Martin
  On fuzzy normal forms

Session:C Saturday April 21, 2007

Room: BC-150 Chair: I. Bock, M. Zajac

 9.00- 9.20 Kleštincová Lenka
  Operator splitting for 2D Navier-Stokes equations in a time dependent domain
 9.20- 9.40 Jamrichová Eva
  Domain decomposition method for Stokes-Darcy flow on the 2D domain
 9.40-10.00 Vopatová Kamila
  Quadrature formulas for multiple integrals
10.00-10.40 COFFEE BREAK

Room: BC-150 Chair: J. Zemánek, B. Rudolf

10.40-11.00 Pátíková Zuzana
  Q-type corollaries of Hartman-Wintner type criteria for half-linear second order differential equations
11.00-11.20 Mojsej Ivan
  Property (A) of the third order nonlinear differential equations with deviating argument
11.20-11.40 Veselý Michal
  On orthogonal and unitary almost periodic homogeneous linear difference systems
11.40-12.00 Jurík Tomáš
  Computational experience with a new active-set method for linear programming

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