ISCAM 2004 - Programme
Friday April 16, 2004
12.30-13.00 Registration
13.00-13.15 Opening Ceremony
13.15-14.00 A lecture by Prof. RNDr. Štefan Porubský, DrSc.
  Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic:
  Prime numbers: a computational approach
14.10-15.50 Sessions
15.50-16.20 Coffee break
16.20-18.00 Sessions
18.05 Refreshment in the club of FEI STU

Saturday April 17, 2004
 9.00-10.20 Sessions
10.20-10.50 Coffee break
10.50-12.30 Sessions

Session:A Friday April 16, 2004

Room: AB-300 Chair: G. Kalmbach, V. Janiš

14.10-14.30 Marek HYČKO
  Entropies in Effect Algebras with the Riesz Decomposition Property
14.30-14.50 Emmanuel CHETCUTI
  The State Space of the Lattice of Orthogonally Closed Subspaces
14.50-15.10 Martin PAPČO
  On Fuzzy Random Variables
15.10-15.30 Tomáš KROUPA
  Conditional Probability on MV-algebras
15.30-15.50 Marek PETRIK
  Expert Systems and Knowledge Representation
15.50-16.20 COFFEE BREAK

Room: AB-300 Chair: P. Brunovský, D. Ševčovič

16.20-16.40 Andrej BALCIAR
  Hypothesis of $\beta$-convergence and Hypothesis of $\sigma$-convergence of Growth Rate in Output per Capita in an Open Economy
16.40-17.00 Peter FUSEK
  Bundling Models in Retail Banking Sector /in Slovakia/
17.00-17.20 František BRÁZDIK
  Oriented Stochastic Data Envelopment Analysis Models: Solver and Application
17.20-17.40 Soňa KILIANOVÁ
  Analytical and Numerical Methods for Stock Index Derivative Pricing
17.40-18.00 Alexandra URBÁNOVÁ CSAJKOVÁ and Daniel ŠEVČOVIČ
  On a Two-phase Method for Calibration of Interest Rate Models and its Application to Central European Markets
18.05 Refreshment in the club of FEI STU

Session:B Friday April 16, 2004

Room: BC-300 Chair: R. Mesiar

14.10-14.30 Pavol KRÁĽ
  Cardinality of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
14.30-14.50 Adrian MINAROVIČ
  Some Metric Spaces of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
14.50-15.10 Katarína LENDELOVÁ
  The Convergence on Pseudo-probability Spaces
15.10-15.30 Tomáš BACIGÁL
  Multivariate Threshold Autoregressive Models in Geodesy
15.30-15.50 Tomáš BOGNÁR
  Cointegration and Coordinate Transformation Applied for Geodetical Time Series
15.50-16.20 COFFEE BREAK

Room: BC-300 Chair: A. Kolesárová

16.20-16.40 Juliana MORDELOVÁ
  On the Structure of Discrete Quasi-copulas
16.40-17.00 Andrea MESIAROVÁ
  Transformation of T-norms Based on Hájek's Example
17.00-17.20 Susanne SAMINGER
  On Different Types of Sets of Similarity
17.20-17.40 Ingrida ULJANE
  Some Remarks about L-valued Equalities
17.40-18.00 Peter STREŽO
  Strict Preference and Implications
18.05 Refreshment in the club of FEI STU

Session:C Friday April 16, 2004

Room: AB-150 Chair: Š. Porubský, O. Grošek

14.10-14.30 Jorge CARRILLO
  Achieving Perfect Secrecy
14.30-14.50 Marek GREŠKO
  Two Approaches of Generating the Jacobi Sequences
14.50-15.10 Karla ČIPKOVÁ
  Shallon Algebras, Ideals and Ideal Extensions
15.10-15.30 Pavol ZAJAC
  Generating the Suitable ECDSA Domain Parameters
15.30-15.50 Tomáš MAJER
  Isomorfism of Finite Groups and its Application in Cryptography
15.50-16.20 COFFEE BREAK

Room: AB-150 Chair: M. Knor

16.20-16.40 Mária IPOLYIOVÁ
  The Size of Regular Maps of Type $\{q,3\}$ with Planar Width at Least $r$
16.40-17.00 Ľubica LÍŠKOVÁ
  Exponents and One-vertex Cayley Maps
17.00-17.20 Peter SARKOCI
  Combinatorics of RNA Foldings and some Consequences For the Problem of Inverse Folding
17.20-17.40 Krzysztof SCHIFF
  RLF-2-edges Algorithm for Graph Coloring Problem
17.40-18.00 Jana KUSENDOVÁ
  On the Structure of Semantic Networks
18.05 Refreshment in the club of FEI STU

Session:A Saturday April 17, 2004

Room: AB-300 Chair: M. Navara

 9.00- 9.20 Libor BĚHOUNEK
  Class Relations in Gödel Fuzzy Set Theory
 9.20- 9.40 Petr CINTULA
  On the Definition of the L$\Pi$-algebras
 9.40-10.00 Martina DAŇKOVÁ
  Characterization and Approximate Representation of Extensional Fuzzy Relations
10.00-10.20 Petra MURINOVÁ-LANDECKÁ
  The Theory of Omissions of Types in Fuzzy Logic with Evaluated Syntax Extended by Product
10.20-10.40 Martin ŠTĚPNIČKA, Radek VALÁŠEK
  Fuzzy Transforms and their Application on Wave Equation
10.40-11.10 COFFEE BREAK

Room: AB-300 Chair: I. Bock

11.10-11.30 P. GEJGUŠ, J. PLAČEK, M. ŠPERKA
  Skin-color Based Segmentation by Mixtures of Gaussians
11.30-11.50 Mariana REMEŠÍKOVÁ
  Solution of Convection-diffusion Problems with Non-equilibrium Adsorption In 2D
11.50-12.10 Viera RŮŽIČKOVÁ
  Functional Boundary Value Problems
12.10-12.30 Hana ŠTĚPÁNKOVÁ, Alexander LOMTATIDZE
  On Sign Constant and Monotone Solutions of Second Order Linear Functional Differential Equations
12.30-12.50 Anna ZAUŠKOVÁ
  Mathematical Models of Flow in Elastic Tubes
12.50-13.10 Radosław WIECZOREK
  State Dependent Switching Diffusion

Session:B Saturday April 17, 2004

Room: BC-300 Chair: M. Zajac

 9.00- 9.20 Katarína BOĎOVÁ
  Oscillations of the Foreign Exchange Rate and the Devil's Staircase
 9.20- 9.40 Steffi BURMEISTER
  Almost Sure Local Limit Theorems
 9.40-10.00 Iwona WRÓBEL
  On the Numerical Range of a Matrix
10.00-10.20 Miloš ZIMAN
  Finite Approximations of Groups and Algebras
10.20-10.40 Mária ZACHAROVÁ
  Optimisation methods for determining the molecular geometry
10.40-11.10 COFFEE BREAK

Room: BC-300 Chair: J. Zemánek

11.10-11.30 Radek CIBULKA
  A Generalization of the Graves' Theorem with an Application to Exact Local Controllability of Nonlinear Systems
11.30-11.50 Piotr KOWALSKI
  Hard and Soft Structures of Sub-time-optimal Feedback Controllers
11.50-12.10 Szymon LUKASIK
  Jordan Canonical Form and Some of its Applications in Modern Control Engineering
12.10-12.30 Lucie PURMOVÁ
  Population Dynamic of Spruce Budworm
12.30-12.50 Pavel PRAŽÁK
  On a Model of Advertising

Session:C Saturday April 17, 2004

Room: AB-150 Chair: J. Paseka, J. Šefránek

 9.00- 9.20 Martin HOMOLA
  Dynamic Logic Programming: Relating Different Semantics Based on Causal Rejection of Rules
 9.20- 9.40 Milada KOVÁROVÁ
  Short-Term Dynamics of Knowledge Base using Roulette-Wheel Principle
 9.40-10.00 Peter SLÍŽIK, Ladislav HLUCHÝ,Attila BALGA, Pavel ČIČÁK
  Hybrid Skipnet -- Middle Course Between Determinism and Randomness
10.00-10.20 Jozef BABJAK
  A Biological Model Optimized by New Strategies of SOMA
10.20-10.40 Martin BALÁŽ
  Kripke Structures on Bilattices
10.40-11.10 COFFEE BREAK

ISCAM organizing committee 2004-04-06