Pozvánka na prednášku v rámci seminára CRYPTO

"One-way functions and trap-doors in finite groups"

Termín: 17. 4. 2000 o 14:00
Miesto: Katedra matematiky A-419

A symmetric key cryptosystem based on logarithmic signatures for finite permutation groups was described by S. S. Magliveras, and its algebraic properties were studied too. In this talk SSM will describe how in principle logarithmic signatures and their generalizations can be used to construct two new public key cryptosystems with message space a large finite group G. The first system relies on the fact that permutations of the message space G induced by transversal logarithmic signatures almost always generate the full symmetric group SG on the message space. The second ElGamal-like system is based on trap-door, one-way functions induced by logarithmic signature-like objects we call meshes, which are uniform covers for G.

Prednáša: Spyros Magliveras

Distinguished Henson Professor of Communication and Information Science

Department of Computer Science, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, U.S.A.
ved. seminára: Prof. RNDr. Otokar Grošek, CSc.