Pozvánka na prednášku v rámci seminára CRYPTO

"Perfectly non-linear functions and Graph Theory"

Termín: Termín: 12. 6. 2000 o 8:30
Miesto: Katedra matematiky A-419

Let V and W be n-dimensional vector spaces over GF(2). A mapping Q:V->W is called crooked if it satisfies the following three properties:
Q(x)+Q(y)+Q(z)+Q(x+y+z) <> 0     for any three distinct x,y,z
Q(x)+Q(y)+Q(z)+Q(x+a)+Q(y+a)+Q(z+a) <> 0     if a <> 0 (x,y,z arbitrary)

We will explain that every crooked function gives rise to a distance regular graph of diameter 3 having l=0 and m=2 which is a cover of the complete graph. This approach is due to T.D.Bending and D.Fon-Der-Flaass, and in fact, is a generalization of a recent construction found by de Caen, Mathon, and Moorhouse. We will demonstrate a connection between crooked functions and bent functions.

Prednáša: Robert Jajcay

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Indiana state University, Terre Haute, IN., U.S.A.
ved. seminára: Prof. RNDr. Otokar Grošek, CSc.