Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies
Degree Course: INFORMATICS
Author: Bc. Peter Kudlička
Diploma thesis: Examine Cryptological Properties of Generalized S-Boxes by Classical Methods
Supervisor: RNDr. Karol Nemoga, PhD.
2004, May

In this work, differential parameters of the quasigroups for identical mappings among and their composition with right and left regular permutation are examined. In this work we have examined feistal-like cipher using quasigroup operation on application of a key. Quasigroups were generated by using transversals.

Generally, it is not known which mappings of the quasigroups are keeping differential parameter and also the distribution of differential parameters for all possible mappings. Also, there are not known the best application types for quasigroups and mappings among them with good differential parameter. This work is a contribution in seeking these possibilities.