History of education of cryptography at KM FEI STU

In 1984 we started to teach a course "Secret communication in computer networks " for postgraduate study (PhD) at the former EF SVŠT as the first in Czechoslovakia. This course was attended by many experts of the whole CSSR for more than 4 years. In the same year O. Grošek wrote the first Lecture Notes for these students.

In the year 1985 O.Grošek (EF SVŠT) and K.Nemoga (MÚ SAV) decided to establish a new seminar - CRYPTO. It was established in 1986 in cooperation with other people, like L.Satko and P.Volauf from KM EF SVŠT, Š.Porubský, O.Štrauch, I. Žembery, M. Laššák and S. Jakubec from MÚ SAV, P. Farkaš from KTL EF SVŠT and J. Vyskoč from VS SAV.

CRYPTO - seminar was attended by experts from MFF UK, MU SAV, KM EF SVST and other scientific institutions. We were mainly reading a journal CRYPTOLOGIA, published by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA. In that time, for us, this was the only one available journal in the field.

In 1990 we opened a course Ciphering for all students of MFF UK and FEI STU.

Publishing house GRADA has published the first monography in Slovak of this area in 1992. The title of this book is Šifrovanie - metódy, algoritmy, prax. The autors were O. Grošek and Š. Porubský. (As far as we know, before there was written in ČSR only one publication in 1935.)

CRYPTO - seminar temporarily ended in November 1989 and started to work again in February 1993 in new circumstances at the Department of Mathematics FEI STU. Great challenge for founders has also been an offer for cooperation from the former director of Central Security Agency of the Ministry of Interior, Ing. Eduard Puffler. In the school year 1996/97 the Seminar was not public because of specific tasks solved for MV SR.

After the re-opening of Seminar there were the following participants ( underlined are the present participants):

M. Adámyová-Šimovcová, D. Akantis, M. Greško, O. Grošek, H. Lichardová, K. Macák, E. Maršalová, P. Matuška, K. Nemoga, L. Satko, J. Šiška, A. Vávra, M. Vojvoda, P. Volauf, M. Zanechal.

Program for summer term 1992/93 was filled with reading papers in the following areas:

  1. Cryptography from the view-point of Algebra (Euklid Algorithm and the Trapdoor Rings).
  2. Papers from conferences CRYPTO 89-92 and EUROCRYPT 87-92, which we have not studied in previous stage.
  3. Papers written by participants.
  Akantis Greško Grošek Lichardová Macák Nemoga Satko Šimovcová Vávra Vojvoda Volauf Zanechal Spolu
1985-93 Unrecorded
LS 1994     3   5 5             13
1994/95     5     9 6   1     2 23
1995/96     9     6 6       4   25
1996/97 2   2     7 2         5 18
1997/98     3 1   10 5 2 6     4 31
1998/99     8     8   1 1     4 22
1999/00   2 3 2     3 2 5 2   6 25


In 1995 has begun a course Ciphering for regular students, and there were set off the first Bachelor's projects and Diploma Theses in this area.

Since 1995 we have graduate students in the field of 25-11-9 Applied Informatics, and also (since 1997) 11-14-9 Applied Mathematics. These projects include practical and theoretical problems of cryptology.

Since 2000/01 at the Department of Mathematics, and in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science, we have the first Masters degree students in the field of Security of Information Technologies).